About Toys In the Attic

Toys In the Attic was founded by Larry the O in a Somerville, Massachusetts, attic in 1980. For more than 35 years, Toys In the Attic has provided quality content and services on nearly every side of the audio and music industries, including manufacturing, film, TV, video games, magazines, books, marketing, live sound reinforcement, and more. In 1998, Berklee College of Music presented Larry the O with its Distinguished Alumni Award.


Larry the O in the original Toys In the Attic studio, Somerville, Massachusetts, circa 1982.

Today, Toys In the Attic has grown into a massive corporate empire consisting of:

  • Toys In the Attic Productions: Generates audio and music content for many media. Provides audio engineering and producing services, and creates original content, such as the Ears Hear Now storytelling podcast.

  • Toys In the Attic Communications: Marketing communications, public relations, and creative services.

  • Flummoxed by Marmots Publishing: All audio content produced by Toys In the Attic (other than works for hire) are published through Flummoxed by Marmots.

  • Satchelmouth Media: Markets and distributes content generated by Toys In the Attic.

  • Studio Faire la Nouba: Toys In the Attic’s primary production facility is an advanced, fully surround-equipped audio production facility at Toys In the Attic’s Vallejo, California headquarters.

Larry the O in front of Studio Faire la Nouba, Vallejo, California.