Simply put, communications mold perceptions. How you deliver information has everything to do with how people perceive your company, your products, your work. Toys In the Attic provides the highest quality communications services to present your messages with style, clarity, and accuracy. We specialize in conveying complex technologies and ideas in understandable language that preserves meaning and detail. We sweat the details. The other guys may not check the spelling of every name or ensure the correctness of every technical term or concept. We do.

With hundreds of articles in print worldwide, more than 17 years on the mastheads of leading trade magazines as a Contributing Editor, and countless brochures, white papers, web sites, company profiles, manuals, user stories, applications notes, and even books to our credit, we can run the gamut from witty to gritty, techie to talkie.

Plus, we have experience working with structured publishing (DocBook XML, DITA XML, structured FrameMaker), too, which is why we often say (to loud groans), “Tag, you’re it.”

Uniquely creative. Powerfully effective.

What We Say
  • magazine articles
  • press releases
  • web pages
  • white papers
  • brochures
  • books
  • structured publishing projects (DocBook/DITA/Structured Framemaker)
  • scripts for product demonstrations and corporate presentations
  • project specifications and bid proposals
  • important correspondence

Marketing Collateral

Toys In the Attic creates the highest quality copy for any kind of marketing collateral.

How Toys In the Attic Does It Better Than the Rest
The purpose of marketing communications is not to sell products, but to create impressions and convey ideas. The quality of marketing copy is key in forming the image of a company and what it has to offer. Poorly written text sends a message of sloppiness or a lack of complete understanding of the language, while writing with clear wording, memorable phrasing, well-ordered presentation of ideas, and thorough accuracy conveys a picture of a company that knows what it is about and is at the top of its field. That’s the picture you want your customers to have.
We achieve unsurpassed quality in our copy by working from a complete understanding of the subject matter. We listen to what you tell us about the message you want carried. Then we start asking questions and we don’t stop until we have a clear picture of what you are doing and the attributes that set it apart in the market. Now fully armed, we write for you with style and subtlety, delivering text that hits all of your bullet points, reflects your priorities, and sets the tone you want your market to hear.
We Make Life Easy
We won’t need you to take us by the hand every step of the way; we know you’re too busy for that. We conduct extensive research on our own and only come back to you for answers we can’t find elsewhere or clarification of items specific to your company and its products. We get our heads around even the most complex technology and make it understandable to those you’re trying to reach…without introducing mistakes as we simplify. From the very first draft, Toys In the Attic makes your company sound every bit as good as it is.
Look at our samples and see why Toys In the Attic’s Larry the O has been recognized for the last quarter-century as one of the leading writers in the field.

Profiles and Interviews

People and companies have stories to tell: who they are, how they got to where they are, and what they’re trying to accomplish. Such stories need to be told in a way that is compelling and sets events into a context that makes history feel linear (though it almost never is).

Toys In the Attic Communications is expert at gathering points of view and synthesizing a story’s essence from them. We have generated profiles of the famous and should-be-famous, as well as coverage of venues, events and productions, for magazine articles and promotional purposes. We can paint your portrait, too.

Instructional and Educational Text

Explaining technology and techniques can be tricky. Clarity and precision are crucial, but the language needs to be understandable, not so saturated with complex jargon that readers get lost or just glaze over. Toys In the Attic Communications specializes in conveying complex ideas simply without losing accuracy in the details. First we make sure we fully understand the information, then we make sure readers do.