Telling Stories with Sound

Everything you hear on this show is true…or could be true.

Ears Hear Now is a show about telling stories with sound.

Rather than relying exclusively on the spoken word to tell a story, and then using music and sound effects to frame and support it, as most storytelling shows do, Ears Hear Now takes music and sound design beyond their traditional roles and makes them active storytelling partners. Stories told on Ears Hear Now feature rich soundtracks that add layers of imagery and meaning to the tale, revealing ever more with repeated listening. Dialogue, music, and sound design are viewed as one big musical composition, and music compositional techniques are used to smoothly integrate those elements.

Stories about when life looks curious

Ears Hear Now tells stories about moments that are peculiar, or strangely coincident, or in which things seem to fit together differently than before. There are no themes, but the stories are told from two viewpoints.

From the Band Van: The life of a performing musician often brings performers into situations that differ from, and sometimes altogether depart from, “normal” life. “Out of Body, Out of Mind,” EHN’s initial episode, is the first story in the Band Van series.

Turning Points: Not every turning point happens as a change in circumstances. Sometimes it is simply a realignment of one’s point of view. Turning Points stories focus on these happenings, large and small, that alter how we look at life and/or the world. EHN’s second story, “The Incident,” is from the Turning Points series.

Now hear Ears Hear Now

Ears Hear Now is conceived and executed by Larry the O, who writes, records, performs, produces, mixes, and masters every aspect of the show. It’s a lot of work.

Want to listen to the show? Hear here now now:

Ears Hear Now is a production of Toys In the Attic and is released through Satchelmouth Media.

2019 HEAR Now Festival Platinum Selection!

Episode 2: The Incident

“The Incident” is another true story of strangeness and wonder, this time an account of the mysterious 2013 car crash that nearly took the life of Larry the O. “The Incident” builds on the ideas formulated in “Out of Body, Out of Mind” for close interaction between narration, music, and sound design. Clocking in at a full half-hour, “The Incident” is a major step forward in sonic storytelling™.

Episode 1: Out of Body, Out of Mind

A true, if weird story of rock and roll, barroom mayhem, and autoscopy.

“Out of Body, Out of Mind” is a true account of an otherworldly occurrence taking place in the earthiest of settings. “Out of Body” applies a cinematic scoring approach to a yarn that contrasts the mundane with the inexplicable, sometimes supplying literal sound effects, other times abstract sound design, sometimes music from a nightclub, other times music of the spheres.

The colorful (and often hallucinatory) imagery of this 10-minute adventure is fertile territory for music that phrases with the narration, sometimes even extracting melodies from the prosody of the voice. Literal ambiences become swirling maelstroms that then abruptly snap back to reality.